Vocal / "Iso" Room

You will feel right at home in The Light House’s spacious vocal booth, with two large windows letting in light and over ninety square feet of area.  The vocal or iso booth will give your vocals a clean, dry sound free of room reflections, an acoustic “blank slate” that can then be precisely enhanced during the mixing process to get just the sound you are looking for.

To get just the right tone from your vocal performance, our options will include the industry standard Neuman U87ai, the slightly more exotic AKG C-12VR tube mic, the Shure SM-7 (a favorite for broadcast and for softening shrill vocals), and the AEA-R84 ribbon mic for an extremely smooth natural tone.  Each of these four mics represents a distinct engineering design, and these four primary choices alone are valued at over $8000.

Your vocals will most likely be recorded through the Pendulum Audio Quartet II tube channel strip, a unit that retails for $4600 and is literally one of the finest preamp/eq/compressor units money can buy.