Full Band Tracking “Day Rate” (8 hour minimum) – $35 /hour

This rate is for tracking a band (or individual) for a full day.  Many of the takes are replaced later with overdubs  Get as many people playing with as possible.  This ensures that the rhythm section delivers the “vibe” we are looking for in the finished product.  We have had as many as six sources tracked for publishing at once in The Light House.  Having six stereo headphone mixes really pays off.

Singer/Singwriter Tracking Rate – $40/hour

The Light House offers a discounted rate for singer-songwriters.  They require the least equipment, the least real estate in the studio, and frankly the least effort.  We also have a technique for getting amazing capture of “live” performances (playing and singing together) that sound professional without having to track the vocals and instruments separately.

Full Band / Hip-Hop / Voiceover Tracking – $50/hour

The Light House has the essential tools to capture all the elements that go into a rich, complex musical arrangment.  We also have the tools and skills for tracking and more importatnly editing and mixing hip-hop sessions to create a big, modern sound.  And the mic cabinet features two of the staple mics of voiceover – the Neuman U87 and the Shure SM7.

Mixing / Mastering / Editing – Depends on the Project and Engineer