Light House Policies

I try to keep the vibe at light house as open hearted and open minded as possible, but in order to preserve my sanity there are a few “ground rules” and policies that I must insist upon:

1) I sometimes post 30 second clips from songs I record here. I verbally confirm that this is OK with each client, but I am putting it in writing here for my own protection. Of course, if you do not want me to do so for any reason I will not.

2) No hard drugs or heavy drinking. If you are over 21 and want to take the edge off with a drink or two during the session, or you are over 18 and smoke, we can accommodate you (meaning provide a mini-fridge and/or a window-fan). If you are looking for a studio where you can party like a rock star, please save us both awkwardness and keep on looking.

3) Sessions at The Light House are not social. If you want to bring along a friend to support you, that’s fine, but inviting your crew to “chill in the studio” is distracting to your engineer and likely you as well.

4) First time sessions scheduled more than a week out require a 25% deposit by mail or PayPal, minimum $40. If you need to reschedule, the deposit applies to the second appointment. If you can’t make the second date, or you just don’t show up the first time without calling, the deposit becomes mine.


Great to get that out of the way.

Now let’s have some fun and get it done!