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Smilin’ James Sound

I was dubbed “Smilin’ James” at a live sound gig where there were a number of James’ to differentiate between, and I took on the name as my business name because it expressed something that I’d been wanting people to know about me all along… that I enjoy serving the musicians and want to work with them to generate positive energy, something that isn’t always in the playbook for stage engineers.

Whether you want to get sound to two hundred or two thousand, Smilin’ James Sound has the mics, mixers, amps, and cabinets, lighting, and even a stage to get the job done. And my rates are beyond competitive.

So if you’re needing someone to make you sound as good as you know you can… look no further than Smilin’ James Sound & Lighting.
Learn more about Smilin’ James Sound and Lighting at www.smilinjames.com.