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MSR Acoustics

Anthony Grimani of MSR Acoustics and Performance Media Industries was a key element in making The Light House what is is today. At countless times during the construction process, Anthony would steer me clear of the typical pitfalls that wishful thinkers fall prey to, always guiding me towards the more challenging high road that would get things done right.

It’s an art and a science, and I think that the bond that Anthony and I share stems from the fact that we love both the art and the science of making a room sound the best it can.

The fantastic MSR acoustic products that we showcase at The Light House have transformed a relatively non-descript and almost too-small drum room into a pleasant acoustic environment that is making drummers shine session after session.

I was resigned to the fact that I might have to make my drum room an acoustically “dead” room in order to get the results I wanted, but after taking Anthony’s advice and using MSR’s amazing diffusion and absorption products, I found I had more than I could have hoped for.  Only high quality acoustic treatments and expert advice can make a twelve foot square room sound fantastic for tracking drums.  I am still amazed every time I review the overheads and room mic from a drum session and hear how MSR and Anthony have made that room shine.

To learn more about the fantastic acoustic treatments used at The Light House, visit www.msr-inc.com.

To learn more about the acoustics consulting firm that helped us build our space, visit www.pmiltd.com.