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A Drummer’s Tradition

A Drummer’s Tradition is one of the most amazing music stores I have ever been to. When I first entered the store, even as a non-drummer, the craftsmanship, the history in his vintage kits, and the unbelievable variety of pieces fascinated me for half an hour before I got down to business.

As a studio owner, but not a drummer, owner Robert Bowler played a key role in providing me what I needed to do to get the most out of our house set. From stocking obscure parts to repair hardware, to making some key upgrades (at very affordable prices) to the kit’s weak links , Robert helped me turn my kit from something that was “hit and miss” to something that has gotten a positive response from every drummer who has come to play on it.

To learn more about “A Drummer’s Tradition”, go to www.adrummerstradition.com.