Light House Community

The Light House endeavor is blessed with a network of many supporters, from drum techs to photographers, producers and acousticians.

Read about all of these wonderful connections in the menu items under the “Light House Community” heading.

A Drummer’s Tradition

A Drummer’s Tradition is one of the most amazing music stores I have ever been to. When I first entered the store, even as a non-drummer, the craftsmanship, the history in his vintage kits, and the unbelievable variety of pieces fascinated me for half an hour before I got down to business. As a studio …

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Marin West Recording

If you find yourself marvelling at the tones you’re getting out of the house drum kit just sitting down and playing (without having to tune or move the kit around), you can give thanks in part to Jimmy Hobson at Marin West Recording. Jimmy is possible the nicest and most generous engineer I’ve encountered, bar …

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MSR Acoustics

Anthony Grimani of MSR Acoustics and Performance Media Industries was a key element in making The Light House what is is today. At countless times during the construction process, Anthony would steer me clear of the typical pitfalls that wishful thinkers fall prey to, always guiding me towards the more challenging high road that would …

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Smilin’ James Sound

I was dubbed “Smilin’ James” at a live sound gig where there were a number of James’ to differentiate between, and I took on the name as my business name because it expressed something that I’d been wanting people to know about me all along… that I enjoy serving the musicians and want to work …

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William Ross, Photographer

William Ross took many of the fantastic photos you see of The Light House. He provided lighting sources, a selection of lenses for each applicaiton, and most importantly a fantastic eye for where to place the camera to capture the room’s essence. He is a local favorite among promoters and managers for his ability to capture …

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