The Light House features a variety of microphones, preamps, and analog hardware to capture and enhance the tonal character of your tracks.

On the digital side of things, The Light House offers three recording platforms, twenty-four high definition inputs and outputs.

We offer professional tools for every aspect of the process, including microphones, analog and digital hardware, diverse monitoring and playback options, and of course software.

Analog Hardware

Pendulum Audio Quartet II From Tape Op Magazine March/April 2005 “Greg Gualtieri designed the Quartet II with the intent of having one piece that he could bring to a session and know that he could get a great sound out of anything he had to record. The Quartet II easily meets that goal.” From Pro …

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Audio Software

The music industry standard for decades, The Light House is running on the most modern, feature rich version of this fantastic software, full of amazing tools for streamlining, mixing, editing and enhancing your precious takes. When rock solid performance tracking twenty or more tracks at once, or for mixing down complex sessions with dozens of …

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Digital Hardware

The Light House offers twenty-four inputs and twenty-four outputs of pristine high definition analog to digital (a/d) and digital to analog (d/a) conversion. HD192’s are the best converters MOTU makes, and with the op-amp upgrades from Black Lion Audio, they’re competitive with the best converters out there. You’ll hear details from every sound source, even …

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Neumann U87ai From “The Neumann U 87 has been a standard of the recording industry since 1967, and continues to shine today. Famous for its warm sound and well balanced characteristics, it boasts a wide range of features and versatility that make it one of the most desirable mics available.” AKG C12VR From AKG’s …

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Playback & Monitoring

Up to SIX unique headphone monitor mixes for the band. Nearfield monitors for mixing and audiophile speakers for reviewing mixes.   Event PR-8 Nearfield Monitors Klipsch Heresy Audiophile Speakers   Sennheiser HD650’s Beyerdynamic DT770’s Four Pair Sehhneiser HD280’s Etymotic ER4’s

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