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t-Las is one of the most well-rounded artists I have had the pleasure of working with.  He lays down a song in Logic in about 90 minutes, no loops mind you, all performed on keyboard.  We revise as the song evolves.  He raps, he sings, he composes, and he performs the music.  And all with enthusiasm for his vision and an open mind to input from me as co-producer.


Beso Negro

Beso Negro is an up-and-coming group that defies labeling.  They were a riot to work with, full of humor and passionate takes.  The finished product was created on a budget but still possesses the polish that reflects the professionalism of the band.


The Emma Lee Project – Waiting for Javi

This extensive LP was produced on a shoestring budget, but thanks to inspired performances by Emma and her supporting cast of musicians, it is an eclectic and powerful LP.


Fiji Rootz San Francisco – Far From Home

This project began with the songwriter and his supporting vocalists tracking to a Yamaha keyboard performing all the music (at once!).  We went back after the vocals were complete and brought in session players to make an LP that has had radio play in major radio markets in Fiji.


Sammy P – Stay On My Grind

I worked on Sammy P for three LP’s, this was my favorite.  Nothing against the other two, but for me this was the album where Sammy first began to realize his full potential as a rapper and part-time singer.  And the excitement of hitting his stride for the first time, really performing like a pro, can be felt in his delivery and songwriting of this time.


Yoni London – You In Mind

As a studio that offers rates that are an exceptional value, I often work with clients who want to accomplish a lot really fast.  This project took advantage of my rates in  a way that I wish more artists would:  He had a reasonable budget to work with, but rather than use it up rapidly somewhere more expensive, he was able to afford to record until every song had a take that was as magical as he could imagine.  And it really shows in the finished product.  Every lyric is delivered in a way that is at the same time powerful and natural.


¡Mucho Mas! – Jazz Funk Hip HoPoetry

This project was built around keyboard performances by the producer, with a variety of vocalists, rappers, poets, and musicians adding different flavors to each track.  I came into this project midway through, as the previous studio was unable to meet the producers needs anymore.  It is an amazingly eclectic collection of political and social commentary.


Mcguire – Candle Songs

These songs were all methodically performed and developed in Garage band, with generous doses of downloaded sound clips from movies and of sounds in nature and society.  The artists vision also included deep, hypnotic vocals drenched in mixing effects.  A truly unique project.


Captain Chronica – lbs. O.T.D.

This project evolved over time from simply flowing over rough tracks to editing, rearranging, and polishing the delivery of the lyrics until it was something entirely new.  It is always a pleasure to see how an artist can evolve and grow through the process of coming in periodically to record and then listening back to their work.


Dyllan Hersey

Dyllan’s project was on a tight budget, so we had to work with what we came up with in two half-day sessions.  Fortunately she was able to shine many times during those sessions.  These are “live” performances, meaning we tracked the guitar and vocals together.


Sol Bridge – The Naked Truth

This was one of my first LP’s, and it was a “Long Play” indeed!  Extended jams and an inspired band made this a project I will always fondly remember.  Sol Bridge has taken on a number of forms since, but the spirit that lies in these insightful lyrics remains the same.  MP3 samples of this project are on the way – I had trouble finding my copy of the abum!


Mandalyn May – Nevertheless

I met Mandalyn May working the 2010 Mystic Garden Party in Nor-Cal.  Production at the event was a rocky road, and her disposition in the face of adversity inspired me to track her pro-bono (haven’t since, don’t get any ideas!).   She sees herself primarily as a songwriter, but her performances on a few of the tracks were in my mind worthy of radio play.  Same goes for these tracks – I am awaiting a copy of the master from Mandalyn.