Client Testimonials

“When I sat down at the house kit, everything sounded great. I even brought my own snare but opted for theirs. I was pleased with the tones I was getting out of each part of the kit, and in a matter of minutes we had headphone mixes for the whole band and were able to get right down to tracking.” – Ian “Inkx” Herman – session drummer: Miriam Makeba, Sting, Duran Duran


“James pours his whole heart and being into your project, as if it was his own. He cheers you up when the going gets difficult. He has great suggestions, musical sensitivity and intuition, and an excellent artists “ear”, but without the personal agenda, except for excellence. He is patient and good at problem solving ,and is a pleasure to work with.” – Angelika –


“James, last night was awesome. I have lived for years intimidating by professional studios . So it was nothing short of life changing to have such a positive experience. Thank you, truly. I will always remember my first studio experience as positive. You crack me up.” – Kress Cole, singer-songwriter


“James Heyser engineered 3 days of recording for our band “NOSOLO”. The results in terms of tone and quality are outstanding. He brought quality equipment to the session with the expertise and experience to maximize its use. James has a sharp technical mind and a big heart. It makes him a real pleasure to work with.” – David Jenkins Producer/Musician


“James has been a pleasure to work with, not only because of his open minded professionalism, but what has counted the most to me is that his inner self is present in the process with a highly positive attitude!! We have a quality product because James has given us his quality time!” – Joaquin Fioresi of Sol Bridge


“James managed to record, mix, and master a full length CD for me in just a couple of days and for an amazing price. I was able to sing and perform at the same time, which made the process feel natural, and the finished tracks sounded fantastic.” – Mandalyn May, singer-songwriter



“Thanks for being skillful with the recording and for your supportive and encouraging attitude.”
– Miles Hurwitz , “Principal” at MH Management