Audio Software

Pro Tools 12The Light House Recording Studio is running on the most modern, feature rich version of this fantastic software, Pro Tools has been the music industry standard for decades for a reason. Full of amazing tools for streamlining mixing and editing.

Digital Performer 8When rock solid performance and integrated pitch view and editing are what the job calls for, Digital Performer has proven for years to be an efficient, reliable platform used on many grammy winning projects. Digital Performer also offers exceptional monitor latency features.

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X offers tools for musicians who wish to build songs using midi software instruments and looped samples. With fifty gigabytes of samples, fantastic programmable “drummers” with hundreds of customizable performance styles and rhythm patterns, the possibilities are endless!

Waves Platninum Bundle

Waves Platinum plugin suite offers the tools Grammy-winning engineers use every day to mix and master the songs you hear on the radio. Waves has always remained at the cutting edge. They pioneered the science of getting the most out of digital processing. Some Waves algorithms have proven so invaluable that hardware versions have been manufactured so that analog recording studios can take advantage of them. I’ve added some notable Waves plugins not included in Platinum to my collection. These include SSL and Neve modeling, and some fantastic modeled tape and vinyl from their Abbey Roads Studios collection.

Slate Everything BundleSlate Digital has been the up-and-comer in the plugin world for a number of years now. Their modeling of analog hardware is unparalleled. When I am looking to add warmth, grit, or compression that sounds like classic hardware units, I turn to Slate and their “Everything” plugin bundle.